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    To become a new SIO member, review the membership options below and sign-up using our easy online form.  SIO Memberships last annually from January 1st or date of purchase to December 31st. Memberships purchased after October 1st will be valid until the end of the following calendar year.

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    Membership level for physicians who practice interventional oncology or a related field and PhD level scientists.

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    Physicians eligible for Full membership who reside in a country with a low per-capita income, as defined by the World Bank list of economies. Annual Dues: Low: $40; Lower-Middle: $120; Upper-Middle: $140

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    Membership level for individuals who are not physicians, but are related medical professionals, research assistants, or health specialists who support activities related to interventional oncology.

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    Membership level for individuals who are in their fellowship. Proof of standing required.

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    Membership level for individuals who are in their residency. Proof of standing required.

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    Membership level for students of interventional oncology or related field. Proof of enrollment required.

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    Membership for corporations representing the IO device, equipment, and drug market, who show their support for the field of IO.

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